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Making multiple copies of DVD's can be approached in two different ways.

The major studios and TV companies will use a method of copying called REPLICATION when making large numbers of copies. This involves making a glass master of the original disc and then manufacturing copies from that master. This works out cheaper and is the way of achieving the highest rate of compatibility with the myriad of different DVD players on the market.

REPLICATION is generally an economic way to go if you require in excess of 500 units. Less than this and you would be better off having the discs DUPLICATED. The turnaround is normally quicker and the quality of the end result is as good as replication.

We can handle small duplication runs in-house or organise any other quantities you may need. In addition to copying the DVD, we will produce artwork and printing for the disc face and library case sleeve aswell as supplying case or boxes for the discs.

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